12 Muscle-Building Mistakes Teen Bodybuilders Make

Are you working hard in the gym for months but not gaining the muscle you’ve hoped for? You should consider whether you’re doing everything you can to increase your gains. If one of these frequent mistakes is a problem for you, think about making modifications.


This is the most likely most common mistake bodybuilders, especially teens, make. They head straight for the instructional articles with a focus solely on the specific body part they plan to work on. After a few weeks of making little gains, many quit. Although you don’t have to count calories or break down macronutrients into smaller pieces, it’s recommended to go through some of the basic nutrition information and discover the best way to organize your food plan properly.


Have you ever entered the gym with no idea of what you’re training? Most of the time, you’ll be training whatever muscle your buddies are working that day. It’s a sure way to get a body that isn’t balanced.

Take some time to create an exercise split and adhere to the plan. Begin with a routine then, when you’re ready to progress there is a myriad of successful training programs which will yield amazing results on Bodybuilding.com.


Many teens are willing to engage in any way to lift weights heavier. Making quick, jerky moves or relying too heavily on the muscles that assist are common mistakes made to try and outdo the buddy…who is also performing poorly in technique.

However, the muscle you’re trying to activate is not able to benefit from this method as joints and ligaments bear the brunt. Hire an instructor to teach the basic exercises you should follow or take a look at some of the numerous videos available that we have in the exercises database. The right form and weight reduction will result in bigger muscles every day.


To make progress in your fitness You must be constant in your nutrition, training as well as recuperation. The body can only grow stronger and bigger if it is required to. If you begin to slip on your training and your gains will slow down, you’ll see your progress slow.


The importance of getting enough sleep is among the most crucial aspects of recovery. While you’re sleeping your body releases testosterone and growth hormone which are hormones that aid in muscle building and recovery processes. Additionally, a good night’s sleeping will give you the energy that you require for the following day’s exercise.


It’s easy to overreliance on natural products. When you visit an online bodybuilding site and you’re bombarded with advertising for supplements.

Supplements aren’t going to help you in the absence of an effective exercise and nutrition plan. They’re meant as a way to “supplement” what you can’t obtain from your meals. There are no supplements that are legal or not, which can substitute for a healthy diet.


Being out all night and not getting enough or even sleeping two nights a week will impede your muscle-building development. The replacement of your protein drink with alcoholic drinks and rice and chicken with fast food and snacks is only going to make things more difficult.

Don’t forget to bring your RTD or a handful of almonds with you so you don’t need to be without protein. You can also take the risk of getting home earlier to rest and build muscle. Sure, you’ll be a target for some ridicule, and then when it comes time to compete or the beach season you’ll look great.


Many lifters who are male neglect their legs. It’s true that exercising your legs is exhausting and can be painful. Additionally, many bodybuilders are focused solely on those “show” muscles, the ones that you see when you look in the mirror, like the biceps and chest muscles.

The legs are the core of your body. They are the muscles that give you strength when you play any kind of sport. If they’re trained properly, they’re the largest and most powerful muscle group. You can utilize the greatest weight while exercising them, which results in the body’s release of hormones that promote development in all muscles.


Incorporating isolated exercises, such as ignoring the legs is among the most costly mistakes you could make. Make sure you stick to the fundamental free-weight exercises which work many muscles and activate the greatest amount of muscle fibers permitting you to utilize maximal weight to overwork the muscle you want to target.


Teenagers are armed with all the latest new gadgets, and they love to take them to the gym to chat on the phone or text friends while exercising. This is not a good idea for anyone determined to build muscles. Turn off the phone and concentrate on the job you are working on.

Participating in gym groups is another issue. Even if you’re there to work out it is difficult to focus on your workout. If your colleagues aren’t focused on their workouts then go to an alternative time.


When you are a teenager the energy levels of your teens are soaring. You are always at fast and never seem to be exhausted. But, too many exercises, working out that are long, or doing too many sets for the same area of your body are all ways to force your body into excessive training that will slow your muscle development and slow the recovery process. In certain instances, it is possible to regress and shrink in size.


This error is usually committed by those who have lifted for longer than a year and may have avoided many of the mistakes mentioned above. They’re focused on increasing weight and consider cardio as an energy drain that will eat calories. They’re not. The most important thing you don’t need to do is end a set or set of weighted squats because of being exhausted.

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